Welcome to TweenCity!

Welcome to TweenCity!

This blog is designed to be a selection resource for children between the ages of 9-14, as well as a reader's advisory tool for both current and future librarians.

PLEASE NOTE: An appropriate age range is given for each title, however this is merely a suggestion. Children, especially tweens, read at many different levels which cannot be determined simply by age or grade level. Therefore, it is important to assess each child's reading level before suggesting titles. In addition, since this blog is designed for tweens only, some titles listed may also be appropriate for children older or younger than ages 9-14, but these ages will not be listed.

Ages 9-12: Elementary school level (Grades 3-6)
Ages 12-14: Middle school level (Grades 7-8)

Wednesday, February 9

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Little House in the Big Woods. HarperCollins, 1932. ISBN 978-0060581800. Ages 9-12.

The first book in the chronicles of the Ingalls family, Little House in the Big Woods tells of the family’s first home in a log cabin in the wild woods of Wisconsin. In a simple life surrounded by nature and not another house or town for miles, Laura and her family must rely on nature, their faith, and each other in order to survive and thrive. Younger tweens will delight in this timeless series as the reader is drawn into the simple life of the Ingalls family. Though the length and few illustrations throughout can be intimidating for reluctant readers and those new to chapter books, taken in steps the story can be enjoyed in small parts, especially the stories that Pa tells the girls about growing up and other adventures.