Welcome to TweenCity!

Welcome to TweenCity!

This blog is designed to be a selection resource for children between the ages of 9-14, as well as a reader's advisory tool for both current and future librarians.

PLEASE NOTE: An appropriate age range is given for each title, however this is merely a suggestion. Children, especially tweens, read at many different levels which cannot be determined simply by age or grade level. Therefore, it is important to assess each child's reading level before suggesting titles. In addition, since this blog is designed for tweens only, some titles listed may also be appropriate for children older or younger than ages 9-14, but these ages will not be listed.

Ages 9-12: Elementary school level (Grades 3-6)
Ages 12-14: Middle school level (Grades 7-8)

Monday, February 28

MacLachlan, Patricia. Sarah, Plain and Tall. HarperCollins, 1985. ISBN 978-0064402057. Ages 9-12.

When Caleb and Anna’s father puts an ad in the paper for a wife (his first wife died when Caleb was born), the children are beside themselves with anticipation and fear. But when Sarah arrives from Maine to their plain prairie life, Caleb and Anna begin to wonder if she is too good to be true, and whether her longing for the sea will take her from them forever. Written for younger tweens, this short book can easily be read and understood by reluctant readers and those just starting to read chapter books. However, some children may need guidance with the concept of the death of a parent, as well as the historical implications of the time period with regard to advertising for a new wife.