Welcome to TweenCity!

Welcome to TweenCity!

This blog is designed to be a selection resource for children between the ages of 9-14, as well as a reader's advisory tool for both current and future librarians.

PLEASE NOTE: An appropriate age range is given for each title, however this is merely a suggestion. Children, especially tweens, read at many different levels which cannot be determined simply by age or grade level. Therefore, it is important to assess each child's reading level before suggesting titles. In addition, since this blog is designed for tweens only, some titles listed may also be appropriate for children older or younger than ages 9-14, but these ages will not be listed.

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Saturday, February 19

Tass, Nadia. (Director). (2004). Samantha: An American Girl Holiday [Motion picture]. United States: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Ages 9-12.

Following Samantha Parkington through the seasons of her life in Victorian New York, her prim and proper lifestyle becomes one adventure after another when she meets servant girl Nellie O’Malley and they become instant friends. Readers of the American Girl series will not be disappointed by this blending of Samantha’s six stories into one complete movie. The acting and cinematography are better than expected, and the unlikely bond between Samantha and Nellie is one that conveys a beautiful message to viewers that sometimes it is our differences that bring us together. Samantha’s good deeds do not go unnoticed, demonstrating the importance of selflessness and charity.