Welcome to TweenCity!

Welcome to TweenCity!

This blog is designed to be a selection resource for children between the ages of 9-14, as well as a reader's advisory tool for both current and future librarians.

PLEASE NOTE: An appropriate age range is given for each title, however this is merely a suggestion. Children, especially tweens, read at many different levels which cannot be determined simply by age or grade level. Therefore, it is important to assess each child's reading level before suggesting titles. In addition, since this blog is designed for tweens only, some titles listed may also be appropriate for children older or younger than ages 9-14, but these ages will not be listed.

Ages 9-12: Elementary school level (Grades 3-6)
Ages 12-14: Middle school level (Grades 7-8)

Saturday, December 4

Miyazaki, Hayao. (Director). (2004). Howl’s Moving Castle [Motion picture]. United States: Walt Disney Home Entertainment. Ages 9-14.

After being cursed by the Witch of the Waste and turned into an old woman, young Sophie turns to the handsome young magician Howl and his band of misfits as she joins him on his four-legged walking “castle” as the new housekeeper. Befriending the fire demon Calcifer who is bound to Howl, Sophie is determined to find a way to break the witch’s spell and enlists his help. Soon Sophie is whisked across a magical world filled with wonderful sites and senseless war. And she soon realizes that in her quest to break her own spell, she may be able to break Howl’s as well. Based on the enchanting novel by Diana Wynne Jones.